Higher Highs & Lower Lows V2.14

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✓ Non-Repainting Higher Highs & Lower Lows for MT4 & MT5.
✓ Sound Alerts.
✓ Pop-Up Alerts.
✓ Email Alerts.
✓ Push Notifications.

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 24 reviews
by Еlena

Здравствуйте. Скажите пожалуйста, почему такая большая разница в индикаторе между скринами и в видео. На скринах все просто и понятно. В видео индикатор показывает себя совсем по другому.
С Ув.

Dear Еlena,
there is the newest and an advanced version of this indicator in video.

by Reinhard

Danke, tolle Arbeit habt ihr geleistet mit dem Tool, auch euer Support funktioniert einwandfrei. Weiter so! Danke!!!

by Rotsamon

Für mich ist der Higher High, Lower Lows Indy ein Diamant, dem ich jahrelang schon gesucht habe. ABER, er ist ein bischen, nein, er ist SEHR CPU-intensiv. Ist es bitte, bitte möglich, die blaue Hauptlinie mit die Signallinievom Roten zu trennen und zwei neue Indies herzustellen? ...so dass es zwei Indys gibt: Blau mit seiner Linie und Rot mit seiner Linie.

Das wird sicher mit den Berechnungen helfen (auch wenn es nur 10 -20% schneller ist)? Manchmal benutze ich Blau (zB AUDUSD), und dann auch Rot (zB EURUSD). Die crossings sind mir nicht im Augenblick wichtig, nur die "Trend Starts" mit anderen Indys die ich schon habe.

Das wäre mir wirklich sehr lieb, auch wenn es mir etwas kostet.

by 化一团


Dear 化一团,
please contact us via contact form »

by 化一团


Dear 化一团,
please read the answer below 😉

by mahamoud
i want buy this

i wanted to buy this indicator how can i do it stand nothing?

Dear Mahamoud,
we are on vacation at the moment, these trading systems are currently available:

by Khothatso

This is a revolutionary trend trading tool. I recently purchased the Indicator yesterday and it was delivered to my email account same day.
My current trade is profiting and this tool has enhanced how I analyze and trade.
It is worth every cent of my money😁💵

by Geoff
Decent indicator

This indicator is strong to confirm reversals. You do have to be careful though, if the market moves to fast it does lag. It does not repaint but I can be slow in high volatility situations. Overall a very strong indicator I use every day.

I also have on my chart an indicator called sweet spots, they are basically phycological round numbers on the chart where price is likely to reverse. This indicator can confirm that for you. I do not trade the cross over but if this indicator is crossing over as it goes through a sweetspot generally it continues on to the next sweet spot which is a strong signal.

Hope this helps.

by Luca

Excellent indicator for reversal traders

by Dan

Very helpful. I use it in conjunction with some other indicators to find the best position.

by Klearchos

Euer Service ist wirklich der Hammer. Die Schnelligkeit zeugt von hoher Seriosität. Bin gespannt, was ich morgen beim DAX-Scalping reissen kann. 🙂
Die Strategie mit den Higher Lows, lässt sich auch mit anderen Strategien sehr gut kombinieren jedenfalls, was ich so auf den ersten Blick sehen kann.
Vielen Dank.

by yair c.
so far so good

very good indicator

by C.K.

Excellent Indicator, it helps a lot to understand where the price is going.


Timeframe M1? Good?

our Higher Highs and Lower Lows indicator can be used on all markets and time frames.
We wish you all the best, in trading and life!

by ravji
Great Indicator

HHLL indicator works best, all you need support and resistant indicator to know best reversal point and gain good profit. Price is reasonable. I recommend to all.
Thanks to developer of HHLL indicator

by Jackson

I've successfully downloaded the indicator and I'm liking it.
It's a gem.

by xiaojun11


Dear Xiaojun11,
the Higher Highs & Lower Lows is a non-repainting indicator.
We wish you a good trading day!

by Chu

Great indicator, works mostly in profit.

by Nishad

Powerful Forex Indicator

by Trading Master

The divergence between the price and HHLLS plots might prove useful in recognition of trend reversals or corrections. A bearish divergence is indicated when the price is trending up but HHS fails to confirm this move. Conversely, price making a new low when LLS goes up can be considered a bullish divergence. Divergence of either type may need additional confirmation: a signal may prove stronger when one of the lines forms the divergence and the other crosses above the level of 50.

Another technique of using HHLLS is analyzing the behavior of the main plots in relation to each other. When HHS is rising while the LLS is making new lows, the price may be entering an uptrend. The opposite situation may lead to emergence of a downtrend. The crossovers of the two lines may also indicate important trading signals.

by MRK

this indicator is great!!!
it works very well.

by Divyang

I got your indicator, which i liked, can i use your tether line indicator and higher highs and lower lows both with combination.
Please suggest me a good advice,
thanks and best regards,

by Libra Khan
How to BUY

Hi, I want to buy this indicator from Pakistan, Paypal does not provide services in Pakistan, please guide me.

Dear Libra Khan,
please contact us via contact form.
We wish you happy and profitable trading!

by Speculator

The Higher Highs & Lower Lows (HHLLS) is a momentum indicator–based system that helps determine the direction of a trend. This HHLLS indicator can be used to spot emerging trends, define correction periods and anticipate reversals. Signals can also be generated by looking for divergences and crossovers. Because the HHS & LLS indicator is range-bound, it can also be used to identify overbought and oversold levels.