Lucky Reversal Indicator

Lucky Reversal Indicator for MT4

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by Galiano Rex on

Very good indicator. Could you add an alert when the arrow appears? My email is **************
Thanks in advance

by jassim on

Hello, can send this indicator with alert in my email ***********

by Brian on

Please can you make a Lucky Reversal indicator for MT5. My email is ************

by Franco on

Hi, good day! I have an issue about the lucky reversal for mt4 and the buy sell arrow indicator on mt5. Just this week, when the buy/sell arrows appear and execute and order, it repaints and goes to stop loss. Hope you can help me with this. Thank you so much.

Dear Franco, all such indicators are repainting.

by Smack on

It repaints ...

by bluelotus on

It's a good indicator. Could you send the source code to me. My email is: *********** Thank you very much.


La riverniciatura lo rende inattendibile, puoi eliminarla?

by NelsonFX on

Can we get the same exact indicator for mt5, with the same big arrows and thick lines, please.

Dear NelsonFX, please see here:

by Bret Harvey on

Can you make this indicator non-repaint, it would be perfect indicator!

by VIK on

Awesome indicator . Using in conjunction with other indicator and strategy. 30 trades in a day easily with this companion. I also backed up this indicator in my data drive !!! 10 star.

by Nieco Pama on

This indicator helps me a lot. I got almost 90% winning trades since i started using this. This indicator stops me from unnecesary positions. I use this in H1 as well as in M15 time frame. And also i use this with another indicator which helps me so much in spotting good reversals. God Bless to the person who made this indicator.

by Ronin on

One of my favorites to trade with since I can usually catch big moves with it. You just have to be sure to confirm and filter the reversal signal with a MACD and/or other indicators to make sure your entry is correct since it does repaint but once it sticks its usually quite accurate. I do recommend also downloading the version...

by FX on

Very useful when applied with a good reversal strategy.

by Maijin on

Useless. Don't waste time on the download.

by bokn on

5 stars

by leo on

How accurate is this indicator

by Bebe on

Thank you so much for this indicator. How can we have alerts added to this indicator, it would be very handy to have alerts when the arrow pops up.

by Jengkaboy on

Hello bro,
Can you make this indicator with alert @ pop up.
Easy to alert. Tq

by fx-man on

This indicator bases on MACD awarage lines cross and yes it repaints but when waved lines (blue/red) are painted and stay with the arrow and price does not pass them it shows perfect reversal. Recomenede TF M15.

by Rolando on

Hello, i just one question, does the indicators repaint?

by Juan on

I appreciate your site. Is it possible to get more info about the Lucky Reversal Indicator? I would like to know where it came from, who developed it and how it works. It is very interesting.
Thank you.

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