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by Kelly

I just purchased the system. I really like the system. How do I get the templates for the other set ups like the combo, complex, breakout, swing, trend, dynamic?

by Seb

Hi, what system would you recommend for a FX trading of a (1day) time frame?
I'm no using candlestick.

by Alexandr

Good afternoon. Please tell me, are these strategies suitable for trading in gold on TF D1? Or for scalping on M1 and M5? Thanks in advance.
P.S. Please tell me, is it possible to pay through a visa card or a master card? I'm from Russia.

by Alpha

I would like to buy one. May i know what's the difference between Trend Imperator and Reversal Krieger?

Dear Alpha,
each of our 3 systems are based on unique algorithm and works well with different trading styles.
We improve our systems adding new cool functions regularly.
Developing trading systems since 2010 we have many happy clients.

The biggest part of other sellers know nothing about market and sell repainting systems based on Zig Zag indicator.
Our systems are non-repainting and always up-to-date.

by Michael

I was just checking back on the progress of the Trend Imperator EA.
I have started using the indicator recently, and have had positive results. I am using on the H1 timeframe - is this the best?

by joseph

does your system work for DAX?

Dear Jvoseph,
these systems works fine on all markets and time frames.

by Mohamed Elsiesy

System is really great if you follow it's rule. The only problem for me is that "the customer services take 2 days to response".

by Sorakrit

I thank you very much for your attention, the Trend Imperator System is working good, can you send the Trend Imperator EA Version to my email address? *********
Thank you.

by Neeraj S

Hi, nice to see too much of good review, i am from India, will Trend Imperator work in Indian Market, and specifically on Index.
how the TP, SL, TSL, position calculator will it change as per Indian market and values.

by Edward

I've just purchased mine right now, I can't wait to use it.

by trader788

Reversal Krieger Version 3.97/Trend Imperator Version 4.98 got MT5?

Dear Trader788,
our premium systems are up-to-date and work fine on latest MT5 build.

by Andreas

Ich hätte vielleicht einen Verbesserungsvorschlag für den Trend Imperator. Ich möchte einen Alarm, sobald ein Pending Signal generiert wird und nicht erst bei Auslösung des Signals. Gibt's das schon oder können Sie das programmieren? Da erziele ich die beste Ergebnisse.       

Dear Andreas,
thank you for your suggestion! We will add this idea to our roadmap and will consider for a future release.

by Paul O.

I just purchased the trend imperator, can't wait to start using it; i have heard alot of positive remarks about the premium trend inperator.
I will be Glad to receive the premium system and also a comprehensive directives on how to install and receive trade alerts. Thanks!

Dear Paul O.,
the system has been sent to your email address. We wish you successful trading with our Trend Imperator 🙂

by Александр

Скажите пожалуйста, при покупке системы за 99 евро (Император) в нее входит также система Кригер или я что-то не так понял. Если да то можно-ли использовать отдельно Император и отдельно Кригер???

by Adrian

Thank you. Will you release in the future the fully functional Trend Imperator Expert advisor? Im am very interested. I appreciate your work, very good indicators.
All the best.

Dear Adrian,
please see our roadmap for what is coming next »

by Zarliexs

May I know is it work with ICM MT4?

Dear Zarliexs,
our trading systems & indicators work fine on all MT4 platforms.

by Michael

Do you have indicators that can be installed on smartphones?

Dear Michael,
our premium systems work perfectly on all smartphones & tablets.

by mohammed

I want to buy an indicator. But I don’t know how to get it after paying. Help me.
After payment, how will I get the indicator?

Dear Mohammed,
we will send our system by email within 12 hours after your payment.

by Jatisak

I am waiting for the new version. Excellent trading system.

by Janis.J

Hai! Thank you for your work. I'm also interested in your EA as soon as it becomes available. Do you have any predictions when you will be able to offer EA version?

by Shailesh patel

Can it be useful for indian stock markets, NSE and BSE?

Dear Shailesh Patel,
we have some stock traders from India bought our systems, until now all of them are satisfied.

by Arpan

To whom it may concern,
I have a question, first of all, thanks for providing so many free indicators. I love your premium systems, I would like to know if you can combine all system into one. I would like the signals further confirmed with 3 of that system.
Can you make that and if yes how much you are going to charge for it. Please also start making personalised systems for other people, you are an expert.

by ernst

Which one works the best, im looking to buy the Reversal Krieger and can it auto trade or send notifcation signals?

Dear Ernst,
our Reversal Krieger system is not an EA (so trades are not opening automatically). The Reversal Krieger is a manual trading system with semi-automatic strategies & push notifications. Our free EA is available only on demo accounts for the moment. As soon as we'll finish our final version it will be available on live accounts too.

by Pascal

Ich nutze den Trend imperator seit ca. 2 Monaten und bin absolut zufrieden! Bis jetzt alle Trades beim DAX positiv abgeschlossen. Keine Verluste.
Ich hoffe man kann den EA auf seine eigenen Bedürfnisse anpassen (max. offene Trades, Stop Loss, Take Profit usw.)
Kann den EA kaum erwarten! Hoffe du haust dann ein Newsletter raus 🙂

by Igor

Ihr macht echt eine gute Arbeit, das ist das Beste was es gibts zum Traden finde ich, was besseres gibts net. Ihr Trend Imperator ist schon der Hammer! Ich hoffe das bei V5 auch alles topt.

by Christian

Danke für die Zusendung.
Der Trend Imperator ist Ihnen echt gelungen - ein mächtiges Tool 🙂 TOP!

by Andre

You have done a very good programmer job: your screen is clear, with all the necessary info (TP, SL, TSL, position calculator for which want them, etc...)
Many thanks for this excellent work!

by Thomas

Ich wollte wissen, wann die Trend Imperator V5 erscheint. Ich habe übrigens jetzt im M30 und H1 die besten Erfahrungen gemacht und schon 2 Trades positiv mitgenommen 🙂

by André

Die Performance beim Trend Imperator ist im Vergleich zu anderen Systemen hervorragend. Ich habe schon mehrere Forex Systeme getestet, doch mit keiner eine solch gute Performance erzielt.

by Catherine

Just what to say that your system is great WOW amazing stuff. Took my first trade with it made a quick 20 pips.
Thank You again,

by Ali.h

Hi there! Do this indicators work in cryptocarrencies?

Dear Ali.h,
please see a screenshot of the Trend Imperator System »

by Erhan

Tach Leute,
erstmal Kompliment für euer Trend Imperator System. Der Ansatz gefällt mir sehr gut und ich bin froh, dass ich mich im Nachhinein doch noch zum Kauf entschlossen hab 🙂

by Farhan

Thank you for your assistance, trend imperator is good & very good staff and very comparative and waiting for the next version of trend imperator you’ll be all-vase remember in my good book.

by Damir

Already won my first trade after few minutes of setup. Love it. Please send me the backtester tool.

by Sharon

I just purchased your Three Premium Systems and am anxious to load it up on my VPS. One question, will there be updates in the future? If so, will they be free for your paying customers? All three look very promising, I’m also interested in your EA, whenever it becomes available.
Great job, thanks! Green Pips to all!!

by Mohamed

Thank you very much for your help, now I can start trading again. Your software its realy amazing for me, and I am waiting for Trading Magister System.

by Nouroudibe

J'aimerais savoir si je dois attendre après le 25 septembre pour acheter votre nouveau indicateur ou bien je peux l'acheter maintenant?

Cher Nouroudibe,
veuillez nous contacter via le formulaire de contact.

by Ezemusa

Hello, i have seen you allowed those ones who bought all trading system to acquire Trading Magister the new one. How about someone who want it although he didn't bought the set of all previous systems?. I want the new trading Magister How can i acquire it?

Dear Ezemusa,
please contact us via contact form.

by Nadia

I have traded by helping Trend Imperator, Its great, When ll you update to next version?

Dear Trader,
please visit our roadmap for upcoming features »

by Tanju

Dear Vendor,
I bought all your software from your web in the past, Trend Imperator, Reversal Krieger and others. I am using all very pleasure. Now I want to take Trading Magister V1. Please sent me PayPal link to pay only for this software. And thanks all your support and all have created software. We like your all job.
Best Sincerely,

Dear Tanju,
please contact us via contact form.

by Nader Alamri

I want to ask you about this Indicator work on MT5 or not?

Dear Nader Alamri,
our premium systems & indicators working fine on latest MT5 build.

by Hugo

Trend Imperator is definitely the best system for buy and sell signals.

by jhon

May i know how it performs in a sideways market?

Dear Jhon,
please see a screenshot of the Reversal Krieger System »

by mohd shukri

I want this system but I cannot use paypal. I have visa, please advise me how I can buy this system.

Dear Mohd Shukri,
please contact us via contact form.

by Anton

I have backtested this system with excellent results. So far, some of the pairs i tested have resulted in reaching 90 % take profit level.

by Joseph

I was happy to see that you still develop the fx preis level system towards. Great job! Can you please let me know what is the average success rate of the system? If I start with 1k € deposit. How much can be the monthly profit? I used your fx preis system 6 years ago and now thinking to give a try to your new systems.

Dear Joseph,
please contact us via contact form.

by longbrao

I got IMPERATOR 4.02... great tool...
thank you verry much!!!

by Ray

If you have basic knowledge of market structure, this system is awesome, very high success rate.

by Giaco

I read that a new version is coming out, do you confirm it?

Dear Giaco,
the new version is coming after the successful testing by many beta testers and clearing all the bugs and flaws related to the update.

by S Sivakumar

Best mt4 indicator.

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