Premium Swing Trading Tools V7

Profitable Trading Signals for all Markets

Powerful Features & Functions

☑ Professional strategies for all sessions, markets & time frames
☑ Early detection of market trends and reversals
☑ Buy and sell levels with ideal entry chances
☑ Timely profit taking through target levels
☑ Trailing stop loss levels to protect your profits
☑ Built-in position size calculator
☑ Profit optimization through integrated money management
☑ A well-thought-out filter trading algorithm
☑ Automatic stop loss and take profit signals
☑ Trading systems can be used on all time frames and markets
☑ Customer satisfaction through continuous systems improvement
☑ Free access to our customers area

Our Advantages

☑ Over 15 years trading experience with MetaTrader
☑ Trading systems development since 2010
☑ Non-repainting indicators and systems
☑ Unique algorithms and strategies
☑ Always up-to-date
☑ No monthly fees

What you get

📈 Two (2) Non-Repainting Trading Systems for MT4/MT5
🔎 Backtesting Tool (EA V1)
📟 Position Size Calculator
🗗 Pop-Up Alerts
🔊 Sound Alerts
📩 Email Alerts
📳 Push Notifications
🔃 Free Updates

159 €

This price may increase in the future. The full professional trading package with our Breakout Trading Tools can be offered for 209 €.
If interested, please follow this link to pay »

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Average rating:  
 255 reviews
by Thembani Sirunwa on

I just bought the system, i have received my order, happy with my system.

by Arya on

If I buy now, can I use 1 year later? Because I dont have notebook yet.

Dear Arya, you can use our premium systems for as long as you want, without any restrictions or additional fees.

by Khairul Azizan on

I just purchase and waiting for the system to come. I will put my review once I tried it for a month. From the review and presentation of the system, it seems promising. However, prove will prevail later. As of now, I rate as 4 star and will rate again once I tried it for a month.

by Firoz on

I need to do the payment through debit or credit card because paypal does not work here at my place.

Dear Firoz, please contact us via email to assist you in your individual case.

by thanh from vietnam on

after payment, how can i receive?

Dear Thanh, we will send you our trading package by email within 4 hours after your payment.

by Mr Murdinamit on

Hi, the indicator looked good, I want to buy it soon.

by Trader on

Hello, I wanted to say these indicators have made me so happy and you provided them for free. I am in care at the moment but when I am out its time to buy. Thanks so much for spending time finding them, I cant wait to try the professional swing trading system.

by Francisco on

Is the price a monthly subscription? I.e. do I have to pay every month once purchased?

Dear Francisco, a one-time payment lets you use the premium systems for as long as you want without any additional or ongoing fees.

by veech on

Can I get an EA that works on this indicator as well with less cap usage?

Dear Veech, please contact us via email.

by Mr. Gaekwad on

I am from India, I do not have paypal account. How do I pay?

Dear Mr. Gaekwad, please contact us via the contact form at the top right corner.

by Kurniawan on

Are the EA already available?

Dear Kurniawan, we plan to roll out the EA in June, but we plan to increase the price of the trading packages gradually depending on the size of the updates. Our existing customers get all updates for free.

by Lutho on

This system looks good... I want to buy it.

by Mr K on

HI, Im glad to read all the positive feedback and having a look at your systems, i have to mention that it is pretty impressive. Please advice if your systems are suitable on the 1 min and 2 min time frames, and do you recommend it for these time frames. I am in interested mainly on the swing trading system.

Dear Mr K, you can use our premium systems on all time frames and in many different markets, including cryptos.

by krittana on

Is payment possible via debit card? I do not have a Paypal account and my country isn't listed.

Dear Krittana, please contact us via email to arrange an alternative payment option.

by Terrell Bennett on

I hope you see this, I have a suggestion for this EA, would it be possible for the developers to create a setting to allow traders to set a fixed lot size. This would be great for those who are using prop firm account that either only let you loose 4-10% of the account when the balance is 10k to 100k or even 7 figures with scaling. Or is this something that can inly be done upon request. Please let me know if this is possible.

Dear Terrell Bennett, we can do that, our programmer will contact you shortly.

by Earl on

I made this purchase from looking to add on short-term targeted profits. I have my own trading system that might effectively use the daily chart. I asked to cancel my order yesterday, but now I take it back. I have been able to integrate this system with some of my favorite indicators and look pleased with putting it to work with my live trades right away. I am using this on the 4-hour chart and like how you can turn off those nagging windows.
Keep up the great work! I'll see if I have any more future suggestions or contributions to donate. Glad to have joined and look forward to checking up on future updates.

Dear Earl, thank you for your kind words and to everyone who leave positive reviews, we are grateful for this kind of feedback. Any window can be deactivated by setting its selection to false.

by Kurniawan on

Are the EA already released? I intrested if the EA already done.

Dear Kurniawan, we are not planning to sell this EA separately. Our swing trading robot is expected to be ready for use in June. Unlike most developers, selling of EAs is not our primary focus. Instead, we are targeting the evolving needs of our customers, who must be the true winners in all of this. The maintenance and improvement of our existing trading packages are our key aspects.

by robat on

Sir plz tell me your system same work in crypto trading and you provide your system with EA means auto trading software your indicator signal work.

Dear Robat, our systems can be applied on all timeframes and all markets, including cryptocurrencies, commodities and indices. An EA for backtesting is already included in this package. The fully automatic robot is in its final stage of development. Our existing customers get this robot for free.

by AKANDE on

Have seen a lot of positive comments concerning this indication. Pls how do we make payment apart from Paypal, because the country I come from has limit our card to 100 dollar a month. I will be grateful if you can add Bitcoin payment to your method. From Nigeria.

Dear Akande, please contact us via contact form for more information. Please note: we plan to increase the prices of our packages soon to make our new versions more exclusive and individual.

by arnauld on

Hi, i want to buy this indicator, what should i do? Thanks.

Dear Arnauld, if you have any problems with your payment or would like to pay in other currency, please contact us via the contact form at the top right corner.

by Franco on

Hi, I'm blown away by the positive reviews. I would like to buy these trading systems, but I should be sure that they also work on the Renko chart?

Dear Franco, our systems run perfectly on all chart types. We have the best programmer and he solves any task in a short time.

by Eugene on

When the EA be suitable for live market conditions and I must say I'm happy and impressed with your swing trading systems.
Thank you.

by christofer on

Hi. Im intersted in buying this strategy, but before it I have one question. Can I use it on more than one PC?

Yes, of course, this is possible.

by Erwin on

Hi, wanna ask if the Swing Trading V7 is already released? and what is the three premium system, can you be more specific? thank you.

Dear Erwin, the new Swing Trading System V7 will be released on Thursday, the dashboard scanner will be available in two weeks. Our existing customers are getting updates & the scanner for free. Always, even if the price will increase over time.

by Jhon on

Hi, I really like your development work. I would like to ask if you don't give programming courses to build robots and indicators. If so please give me details. Thank you.

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