Professional Swing Trading Package

Profitable Trading Signals for all Markets

Powerful Features & Functions

☑ Professional strategies for all sessions, markets & time frames.
☑ Early detection of market trends and reversals.
☑ Buy and sell levels with ideal entry chances.
☑ Timely profit taking through target levels.
☑ Trailing stop loss levels to protect your profits.
☑ Built-in position size calculator.
☑ Profit optimization through integrated money management.
☑ A well-thought-out filter trading algorithm.
☑ Automatic stop loss and take profit signals.
☑ Trading systems can be used on all time frames and markets.
☑ Customer satisfaction through continuous systems improvement.
☑ Free access to our customers area.

Our Advantages

☑ MetaTrader trading experience since 2005.
☑ Trading software development since 2010.
☑ Non-repainting systems & indicators.
☑ Our own algorithms and strategies.
☑ Always up-to-date.
☑ No monthly fees.

What you get

📈 Two (2) non-repainting trading systems for MT4 & MT5.
🔎 Backtesting tool (EA V1).
📟 Position size calculator.
🗗 Pop-up alerts.
🔊 Sound alerts.
📩 Email alerts.
📳 Push notifications.
🔃 Free updates.

159 €

This price may increase in the future. The entire professional trading package with three (3) premium systems can be offered for 209 €.
If interested, please follow this link to pay »

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 228 reviews
by Romel on

I just bought the Trading Package Pro when I will receive the Expert Advisor?
I would like to backtest it xD

Dear Romel, our swing trading package has already been sent, please check your email. The expert advisor for backtesting was sent separately. Please register in our new area, there you will find our interactive guides. The new Swing Trading System V7 will be released next week.

by hoang van tuyen on

I really want to have it.

by peter james on

Good evening, this system after purchase can i automate it as an EA with the rules you give because manual trading is stressful for me?

by Rob Phillips on

Hi, is it possible to get this system on trial so I can test it. I find all systems I have paid for do not come up to scratch once I've purchased them, despite the 5 star ratings they get.

Dear Rob Phillips, we don't offer a free trial version at the moment. Free trials attract too many unserious people from Telegram channels or other dubious forums and we don't have time for that. We are a small team and our time is limited. We are sorry if it seems uncomfortable for you.

by john on

How long will it take to get this once I purchase it?

Dear John, we will send our trading package by email within 8 hours after your payment.

by LT on

Hi, can I ask if there's a dashboard or scanner included to help us time save and know which markets are matching system signal criteria's, thank you!

Dear LT, the scanner will be available with the next release. All existing and new customers will get this scanner for free.

by Lorenzo on

Will i be able to receive notificationns on my mobile phone through mt4 mobile platform when system gives a signal?

Yes, of course. As mentioned in the description, all possible alerts are available.

by Ken on

Looks very great tool, the price for lifetime use and free update right?

Dear Ken, the one time license fee lets you use our premium systems for as long as you want with no additional or ongoing fees.

by emilio sorato on

Hi, I am a new trader, I have little time available, when it becomes available the automated version EAs?
Thank you.

Dear Emilio Sorato, when you buy this trading package, you will get from us two (2) trading systems and an Expert Advisor for backtesting. The fully automated robot is coming soon, but we are going to increase the prices for the trading packages. All existing and new customers get the updates for free.

by Gerry Murphy on

Thinking about buying this. Do you provide full instructions and best practice when using the template?

Dear Gerry Murphy, we offer free access to our forum where you can find a lot of useful information about our trading systems. Our new member area with interactive guides will be opened shortly.

by Justin on

Can I hide the color, hidden domain and leave the arrow?

Dear Justin, it is possible and we can also add something if you have additional requirements. A new version will be released soon. Existing customers get the updates for free, even if the price increases over time. After release of the new versions we will focus on developing automated EAs.

by Essa on

This is Expert or just indicators?

Dear Essa, these are not Expert Advisors (so trades are not opening automatically). They are manual trading systems with semi-automatic strategies. Each of our systems are based on unique algorithms and works well with different trading styles. We improve our systems adding new cool functions regularly. Developing trading systems since 2010 we have many happy customers.

by Devon on

I am just testing to see if these comments on here are real! This system looks impressive I just hope these reviews are legit... well see...

by Emmanuel on

Can this professional trading system trade synthetic vix, step index?

Sure, why not? 🙂

by Hatchie on

Is there a demo I can try before deciding to buy this? Can you also please tell me whether this system works better with specific time frames?

At the moment a trial version is not available. We may reconsider this in the future. All time frames can be traded. If you think about that for a moment, time frames don’t actually exist in reality. They are just a way that we use to see what the price is doing by a different perspective, using a different zoom. The moves are all the same, regardless of the time frame that you are using.

by hasnun on

What is minimum capital to use this system?

Dear Hasnun, most Forex brokers have a very low minimum requirement when it comes to opening a Forex trading account. You can trade with just 100 USD in starting capital. In some cases, Forex brokers also allow you to open a micro or a cent account which allows you trade with just 1 USD. However, expecting to grow such an account is impractical. You can use a demo account to familiarize with the trading systems. Some brokers offer a demo account with unlimited time of use. Now it is your choice 😉

by Johnny on

I bought this trading system like about 3 weeks ago. Tested it on my demo accounts and so far i'm getting amazing results. Now i'm ready to go live trading with it. Only one question? I seen some about an EA coming with this system. Were is it? Is it built in? Or was it supposed to be sent to me? Or did i misread or misunderstand something? Still loving this system too. Thanks, awesome doing business with you guys.

Dear Johnny, our EAs for backtesting will be sent separately. Please send us a short email using the contact form. We wish all traders a happy and profitable in 2021.

by Ehsaan on

Is payment possible via Skrill? I do not have a Paypal account and my country isn't listed.

Dear Ehsaan, please drop us a line via contact form and we'll get back to you shortly.

by Valjuta on

It’s a great system so far, your system staying in my trading arsenal for a long time.

by srawan kumar on

Can i purchase for one system with half of the price?

Dear Srawan Kumar, unfortunately these systems can't be sold separately.

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