True Fractals Bands Indicator

True Fractals Bands Indicator for MetaTrader 4

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True Fractals Bands Indicator

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 9 reviews
by CroGallus on

How to trade with this indicator? Rules are???

by SevaL on

Excellent! Finally i know how to use it properly, it's excellent!

by Brian on

Works pretty well... Yes it repaints but risk managemant is key.

by neil on

For all the people saying it repaints, I hate to break it too you but the market is fluid constantly and in motion and despite what you have been told by every forex snake oil salesmen ALL indicators are lagging.
The definition of Indicator is to give an indication (just a hint in the direction), its not a magic crystal ball.
But I can imagine the majority of you are gooey eyed system ravens try a system/indicator then lose 3 or 4 times say its crap and go out looking for the next shiny box and most of you probably down on the m1/m5 charts looking to make 200% a day.
Here is a tip... put this indicator on a H4 chart add fibo s/r with daily and weekly pivots and only trade the signals at those pivot points.
You will hit a 60% plus win rate with a min 1 to 3 risk/reward.

by ADOLFO on

This indicator is AMAZING! Оne of my best indicators. I DOnt trade WIthout it. YOU need to know FRACTALS Supports Resistences and Order Blocks if you dont know that this indicator will be a repainting for you but no for the real traders.

by Vidales on

Repaints A LOT

by Keith on

Just a wonderful tool!

by George on

I am yet to use it on a real account but i believe it will be awesome.

by Tayyab Shahid on

I think this is the best indicator I have ever used. No one indicator is perfext like this.