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 by zaki

So bro can u pls tell me which indicator is the best to trade in MT4 if this super arrow indicator is not working properly. Because I want indicator exact like this, it has the best strategy...

 by muhammad zaki

Bro, this indicator showing arrows only if the market is in middle and sometimes this indicator not showing properly, but only when Im refreshing it this shoes that most of the signals are missed why this is happpening with this indicator, pls answer me ok!!!

Dear Muhammad Zaki, we have not developed this indicator and do not use such indicators for trading. Most of these free indicators are repainting and not profitable.

 by Saud

Dear Sir/Madam, I have downloaded your "super-arrow-indicator", and tried it on different time-frames on MT4. Generally, it looks good; however, sometimes it misses. That is, it generates a long/short signal, but fails to close it even when the price turns around in the opposite direction and even significantly passes the opening point, which could lead to loses. Is there anything I could do with the settings to fix such a drawback?

 by Merwin

Hi, I am testing the super arrow indicator, it seems to work good on the 4H timeframe, however the signals are very late. Is there somehing I can do to synchronize the arrow on the chart and the alert box window.

 by Mike

LOL this indicator repaints. Therefore it sucks. I can easily find better indicators.

 by Jamie

Hi is it possible to have the Super Arrow Indicator with 2 buffers 1 for buy and 1 for sell? I have tried to get the place where the arrow paints from icustom() with no luck, probably my limited coding knowledge.

 by Ares

Indicator is great, as all traders knows that indicators are for reference purpose not for blindly trusting whenever the alert pops up... πŸ˜€ I was that person at first when I started my trading journey but now I don't even use indicators.

 by Mostsfa

Good arrow indicator...

 by Arturs

I have also question about this Super Arrow indicator. It draw arrow and later delete it and finally in the history it of course shows all right, but in the exicting moment, it drawed up, later deleted, it drawed down, later deleted, why?
The how to trust to this indicator? Why it do like this, what to understand from signal changing?

 by Adam

Good morning, greetings from South Africa. I know the indicator does repaint when closing and reopening charts but it really doesnt matter. It is highly accurate with my strategy as long as the alerts fire all the time I will be satisfied.
Thank you so much for your time.

 by Rebel feelgood

Does not always give pop up alert. Pls try fix this.

 by Ronald

I don't know why people are saying this indicator repaints. Some arrow indicators do repaint, but this one does not ... Super Arrow indicator does not repaint, the arrows print and remain in position.

 by Neo

It works great but whenever I go to a different timeframe, it shows a lot of arrows.

 by Andrew

Good job. It's a very helpful indicator for D1, it works fine for me. Repaint or non repaint doesn't matter as long as it helps me make the right decision. Thanks for the good work.

 by Eric Kofi Yeboah

Please can these indicators be used in MT4 Android version? If yes, then how?

 by Somashekar M Surad

Very good

 by FXMan

Don't waste your time, it is a repaint indicator with a very low win rate πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

 by Trader

This insdicator is repainting! Trash!

 by Jessie

This shit don’t work...

 by Ann

This indicator moves with price, thus reprint understand market structure supply and demand well help you with this arrow, also to be used on higher timeframe for new traders. Along with other indicators like free Hull or 50 Moving Average , wait for the retest and enter.

 by centy

Since it repaints, then it is a no no. A repainting indicator can be a great deception in decision making. Its better it doesnt repaint and show areas of losing trade. At least you will know to adequately use and combine it with concern for its integrity.

 by Mousald

This indicator is good for tracking the highs and lows of the the trading volumes. However you can't trust to trade with its direct signals because it repaints. So IT REPAINTS.

 by Viza

Is it just me or the indicator doesnt give signals or alerts unless you refresh it all the time? Is there a way i cant fix this?

 by Puma

Yes, it repaints. Most indicators do, but on a longer time frame, it works with my system. There are multiple ways you can use this indicators. For you, beginners do your own testing and see if you can somehow modify it and use it. You can even use it as an alert signal.

 by George

I think the indicator is good if only you trade it in the higher time frames and according to the market trend.

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