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 87 reviews
 by AndreΓ­na

I have been trading for years and trading systems have always seemed like a waste of time until I got this one. I saw it and it caught my eye so I decided to give it a try and DAMN it's the best decision I've ever made.
In just one week I have earned 6% of my account, which makes it more than profitable. Not to mention the excellent customer service, since they have always taken care to answer any questions before, during and after purchasing the product.
Sincerely thank you and keep it up!

Thanks for all the great reviews, guys! We do our best to make the traders happy πŸ™‚

 by Garry

I've been using the systems for last three weeks and it's absolutely amazing to see the targets being hit. Excellent tools and thank you for the hard work you put into this trading package.

 by Jessey

If I could give 10 Stars, I would. I'm not one to review products, but this company has gone above and beyond my expectations.
Customer Service: I purchased this product 1 year ago and the customer service I get from this company is outstanding. I reach out to customer service and they are very responsive. I get a reply within the hour and my request is fulfilled within that day which most companies just cannot do. Hats off to this company's team and thank you for your service.
The Product: I'm still fairly new to trading a little under 2 years, but I can honestly tell you one thing, I feel naked if this system is not on my charts. I make bad decisions without it. Luckily the company has great customer service.
Once again thank you'll for your hard work and dedication. It is much appreciated.

 by Twanano

I have tested your trading strategies so far and am very impressed, it works beautifully. I have grown a 100 USD to 500 USD in less than 7 days. I want to start the EA soon. Thanks a lot, you guys are the best.

 by Edivaldo

All I want to say is that am so gald I have found you, I got the best indicators ever, I have been using for 2 weeks straight all I see is a win. Thanks to the team who created such amazing tools, thanks for the support team for been there for me. You just changing lifes here. One love!

Hi Edivaldo! Our team enjoys doing what they do because of customers like you. Your review just made our day. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

 by Timo

A fantastic indicator that can be adapted to suit the Binary Options. Thank you so much for you time and effort creating such useful indicators for us.

 by Vlad

Love all your indies! They're made with great sharpness and expertise. I'm happy to have found you and become part of your society.

 by Oliver

The best trading tools I've ever bought. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now I have found that they are very useful. The systems are really good, have performed well on my accounts so far. Hope it stays the same or gets even better. The support team is also very friendly.

Dear Oliver, thank you so much for your positive feedback! We're thrilled to hear you enjoyed our trading systems πŸ™‚

 by ThΓ‘i

Dear team, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your enthusiastic and responsible support. With the price action system, it is a new breakthrough in trading techniques so the initial confusion of new users like me cannot be avoided. Now, I have basically mastered this system, I will demo trade to evaluate the trading performance before trading on a real account. In the process of using, if I discover any inadequacies of the system, I will give you feedback.

Thanks for your warm words and feedback, ThΓ‘i πŸ™‚

 by KS94

Can I use this to trade Volatility indices? How about US30, NAS100 and XAUUSD?

Dear Trader, our systems are simple, effective and can be traded on all markets and time frames, giving you an edge over other traders πŸ™‚

 by Moz

I love this system, it's really great.

 by Niklas

First of all I want to congratulate you on developing a great indicator. For now, backtesting looks impressive on MT4. I will see how it performs in the future.

 by Antonio

I must say it is by far the best breakout system I have seen, and I have been through many. I love the website and the amount of knowledge and indicators that is on it. You guys do an amazing job to help other traders improve their trading. Keep up the good work and continue to strengthen our performance and results πŸ‘

Dear Antonio, thank you for taking the time to leave us such a fantastic review! We are happy you are enjoying your experience with our trading systems. Please don't forget we are always here to help no matter what you may need πŸ™‚

 by Patrick

This site has changed my family's life! Thank you!!!

 by Maestro

Absolutely you don't jump into conclusion anyhow, you've got to apply wisdom plus you basic price action skills, works with patience and understanding.

 by Rasha

I want ask some questions beacause i need buy this system. Do this indicator give a alert for trade when any mark appear? Do it repaint? I hope answer. Thank you.

Dear Rasha, our premium trading systems have all kinds of alerts and notifications. All our premium systems & indicators are non-repainting. When an arrow appears, it does not disappear later.

 by Peter

You really perfect and normal seller and understand all, great thanks a lot and wish you all the best.

 by jimmy

Hi there, I wanted to know if you have automated EAs? You know, the hands free thing, doing everything for you, the plug and play... Thanks! Last but not list, you got the best indicators in the planet, superb!!! Keep on blessing us with more and more...

 by Mats

Hello, I am new to your site and very happy for your excellent work. I am synthetic volatility index trader and I want to order a system that works for boom and crash only (500/1000). Thank you for your reply...

Dear Mats, I'm not an expert in these indices but our premium systems will definitely help you a lot.

 by Yuri

I was skeptical at first, but it was a great buy, this trading stuff rocks! Thanks guys for a fantastic experience.

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