Trend Following System

The trend following system (TFS) was created to specifically keep you in a winning trade as long as possible and out of a losing trade as early as possible.

The trend following system does not identify tops or bottoms, but it keeps you in the black on major moves and gives you a large percentage of profit.

It is a system that lets the market tell you when to enter a trade and when to exit.

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📈 Non-Repainting Trend Following System for MT4 + MT5
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 40 reviews
 by Fe

Congratulations for the site, it´s grate! About this premium system, how it goes on range markets? I only see pictures and videos on trend markets. The market only trend 20% of the time, were the majority of indicators and trading setups works, the real problem is that is very hard to get an system that works on both markets.

 by Kutloano

I want to create my own trend following system...

 by Yosias

After I saw this indicator I was very interested. But I want to ask you how this indicator works when there is high-impact news with the market.

 by Kris

How are you, I'm getting ready to purchase the "Trend Following System "... My question is what is the winning percentage by simply following the arrows alone? Can you make a living by simply following the arrows alone?
For example, if I just buy when I see the first up arrow and then sell and take profit when I see the next down arrow, will I basically come out in profit at the end of the month using this trend following strategy? Thanks

 by Nicolette

Hello, the most important thing is that I am talking to my broker today to see if this system can be added to my trading platform. I see you also do comprehensive coaching and training.
I would be interested in that too please. The sooner the better as I seem to have got myself into some negative trades that I need to salvage and my education is just not up to scratch. However you can help would be most appreciated.
Thank you so much.

 by Spekulant

Einfaches, aber großartiges Trendfolgesystem.

 by Soraya

Good trend indicators

 by Eugene

I am currently a member and I am satisfied with the softwares, I would like to know how much will you charge me for this trend following system, I have a 20 USD.

 by Wutiyan

Good service 🙂

 by Lucio

Good simple trend following system.

 by Nick

The ideal system should show signals based on a holistic multivariate analysis as mentioned below:
- automatic detection of support points, resistance and trend lines;
- candle patterns;
- the strength of currencies;
- moving averages (5 and 13 for example).

The question is, does yours work like that, and if not, will the changes be included in the update? I want the best tool from your offer, for MT4 and MT5.

 by Francisco

Hi, Mr or Miss, My name is Francisco and I am a professional forex trader. I send you this message to show my love for your website because there are so many nice and wonderful indicators that helped me improve my trading. Secondly, I found some other nice indicators that I want to share with your website. They are really good indicators. The first one is named follow trend and the second is named trend and flat indicator. I have the permission to share them with other websites. It would be nice if they could appear on your website and share them with other traders. Thanks in advance for an answer and it was a pleasure to talk to you.

Dear Francisco, thanks for your suggestion. I will upload it shortly 😉

 by Nandemoya

Auf den ersten Blick erscheint es vielleicht etwas schwieriger, die entpackten Dateien in die einzelnen Unterordner zu kopieren, als nur eine einzelne.
Belohnt wird man dafür mit einem aufwändig erstellten und ab H1 gut einsetzbaren Trendanzeiger. Die Signale habe ich nicht getestet und erscheinen mir auch nicht unbedingt sinnvoll, aber wer gerne Hinweise von Indikatoren bekommt, ist hier gut bedient, denke ich.
Am besten erstmal das mitgelieferte System ausprobieren, um sich einen Eindruck zu verschaffen.

 by orsn

Very professional system

 by Annie Sun

I like it

 by FRa

There are some really good system.

 by Max

Das System ist klasse, einfach und macht mir sehr viel Spaß beim Trading.
Vielen Dank Jungs!!!

 by Gerald

Habe gerade Eure Mail geöffnet - und - wie gesagt, ich bin sprachlos. Ihr nehmt Euch tatsächlich aller Probleme Eurer Klienten an 😉 - ein Service, wie man Ihn anderswo nur suchen kann.

 by TheGoodtraderz

Will i receive this indicator directly after your payment and is it also for MT5?

Dear TheGoodtraderz, the trend following system working fine on latest MQL5 build. We will send the system by email within 12 hours after your payment.

 by Andrew

Super Service.

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