Fibo Box Breakout Indicator

Fibo Box Breakout Indicator for MT4

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 by hero

Hello, I'm a bit confused on how to use this, do you have some guide something like that? Pls email it to me to englighten me on using your work: **********

 by Budhi

This is a good one fibo break out, can i get source file? Or buy source file?

 by Audi

Hi, can you send me the source code of indicator Fibo Box Breakout? I find it very good for my point of view, and i want to know the code for be able to learn and modify it. Or if you dont want to share the complete code, please consider to send only the main logic of making the box and calculate the TP.
Last change, if any of above options cannot be fulfilled, any possibilities for me to buy the source code? Please reply to my email: ***************
Keep trading...

 by Mohammadali

Hi have a nice day, i have a question, i want to start shop store about forex and im 22 years old and im poor, can i sell fibo box indicator in my store, would you please tell me is it ok or not? Or can u help me to found this indicators maker???

I don't think it's a good idea to sell what you haven't created.

 by Norlokman

This Fibo cant use at XAUUSD.