Price Action & Breakout Indicator

Price Action & Breakout Indicator for MT4 Bitcoin Trading

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Price Action & Breakout Indicator

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by Kerrybrit on

Looks lovely like an excellent indicator. Will now test this on demo. Always trade with the trend.

by Expert on

Indicators are undoubtedly a very effective analysis and trading tools. They present signals in a very clear way and easy to understand and interpret. However, when combined with price action and chart reading they unfold their full profit potential. This is a particularly powerful method for confirming any trade with price action. It is effective in both ranging and trending markets.

The basis of the method is this: instead of entering trades at the market, trader open position with a stop order few pips abovebelow market price. For example: enters long trade only if market goes up X pips (and the opposite for short trades). This is a very effective technique for confirming trades.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of ways to combine different technical approaches, in order to achieve powerful trades. Research and experiment to find the methods that are the best for you!

by vasudevan on

I want .mq4 file.

by vasudevan on

Best indicator, level breakout order placed is better indicator.