Trend Imperator V2, V3, V4 and V5 System

Trend Imperator Trading System for MT4 & MT5

The Trend Imperator Idea and Implementation

All price movements are essentially made up of swings (price fluctuations), so you need to use these fluctuations intelligently to make a profit. Fluctuations can be found again and again, no matter what phase the market is currently in. They can be found in trend phases, but also in sideways movements. In this strategy, we want to focus only on pullbacks.

A pullback (dip) is a counter-movement within a trend. These pullbacks always provide excellent opportunities to open a trade. At the same time, we have a good opportunity to enter an existing trend with minimal risk.

When a trend direction is detected, we can benefit from it by opening a position when a price reaches a special Trend Imperator trading level. The more touchpoints Trend Imperator buy and sell levels have, the more important they are.

When a position should be opened?
If we find that the price is in a trend, we must first wait for the correction. We open our trade after the price has touched a special trading level to capture another movement. Please don’t try to trade every pullback.

Anyone who opens a trade less often and follows the main rules has a better chance of achieving great long-term trading results. The longer a buy or sell level of Trend Imperator remains stable and the more often we see rebounds from these trading levels, the more important and reliable they are.

What is to be noted?

  • Please delete or change your pending order if buy or sell zones disappear.
  • Please test Trend Impertor System on your demo account first.
  • Please do not risk more than 3% per trade.
  • Don’t chase the trend. If you missed the timely entry, you better wait for another trade.
  • Do not increase your position if you see only a few signals at the same time.

Our charts say more than a thousand words. This example shows several successful trades in a row.

Trend Imperator V2, V3, V4 & V5 for MT4

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