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Alligator Indicator for MT4

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 by Day Trader

Moving averages are usually trend following indicators. But if they are advanced, they are also useful as trend indicators. The name "alligator" refers to the fact that in trend phases the three MAs used diverge, i.e. open like the throat of a crocodile, while in sideways movements they are intertwined and go sideways. To draw, you need a software that can draw MAs from different time frames.

Three time frames are always used, e.g. an MA from a daily chart, one from an hourly chart and one from a 15-minute chart. The indicator is from Bill Williams. For the longest time frame, i.e. in the example daily chart, a 13-bar smoothed MA is used, which is advanced 8 bar into the future. For the middle time frame, in the example hourly chart, a smoothed 8-bar MA, advanced by 5 bar. For the shortest time frame, in the example 15-minute chart, a smoothed 5-bar MA, advanced by three bars.

A trend is when the first fractal (spike) that has formed outside all three lines is taken out of the course and the three lines expand at their intervals, whereby they must be arranged in the correct order. In the uptrend, the longest time frame must be at the bottom, the shortest at the top, in the downtrend, on the contrary, the middle one must always be in the middle.