Super Arrow Indicator

Super Arrow Indicator for MetaTrader 4

If the indicator is broken, please contact us and we will fix it in a flash.

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by Somashekar M Surad on

Very good

by FXMan on

Don't waste your time, it is a repaint indicator with a very low win rate 🙁 🙁 🙁

by Trader on

This insdicator is repainting! Trash!

by Jessie on

This shit don’t work...

by Ann on

This indicator moves with price, thus reprint understand market structure supply and demand well help you with this arrow, also to be used on higher timeframe for new traders. Along with other indicators like free Hull or 50 Moving Average , wait for the retest and enter.

by centy on

Since it repaints, then it is a no no. A repainting indicator can be a great deception in decision making. Its better it doesnt repaint and show areas of losing trade. At least you will know to adequately use and combine it with concern for its integrity.

by Mousald on

This indicator is good for tracking the highs and lows of the the trading volumes. However you can't trust to trade with its direct signals because it repaints. So IT REPAINTS.

by Viza on

Is it just me or the indicator doesnt give signals or alerts unless you refresh it all the time? Is there a way i cant fix this?

by Puma on

Yes, it repaints. Most indicators do, but on a longer time frame, it works with my system. There are multiple ways you can use this indicators. For you, beginners do your own testing and see if you can somehow modify it and use it. You can even use it as an alert signal.

by George on

I think the indicator is good if only you trade it in the higher time frames and according to the market trend.

by Sarai on

Hi. First of all, I want to say I love your services, they have helped me tremendously. I use the Super Arrow indicator but I did notice that it repaints. Is there a similar version of this that does not repaint?

by Manh on

I just check and see it is more accurately than any my free indicators i got. Thank you very much!

by Claywalker on

This is a superb indicator for free, with enough room to experiment. Some people want, that the money, flys through the window each day. Trading is hard work, to get profitable. Thanks to the author, scharing this indicator for free.

by pantherrilla on

People always want the holy grail, whine, whine, whine, it repaints, it repaints, blah, blah, blah... Learn to trade properly, this indicator is just that, a indicator... Means it telling you something is about to happen, it's your call on what to do... This indicator is one of the best tools to have in your arsenal so boowhooo on all the "don't know how to trade-whiners", get educated.

by Don Power on

I tried to download But/Sell arrows, it is a zip file and I cannot open it to install on my MT4 chart?

by Scott on

This indicator definitely repaints. Its useless.

by Samuel on

This indicator is very awesome

by Bharzert Agoe on

With the high accuracy the indicator shows on my chart, I am wondering if it doesn't repaint. I am yet to use it. It looks wonderful any way.

by Bharzert Agoe on

The first time I saw this on my MT4 chart, it was like wow! The arrows were on spot, especially with Bollinger settings.

by Hardik RV on
Yes it is reprint but

How to use , first show arrow positions in 4 hour chart and try to trade in 15 min if signal of arrow get in same direction.

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