Nuf Numiz System

Nuf Numiz Forex System for MT4 Platfform

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by ZonaSocial on


by Mlondi on

It very good bt 1st u have to learn how it works.

by Cemsit Behmenyar on

SFET_V_PODVALE is repaints..

by Tshepo on
Trading system

Can someone please give me steps to install this trading machine?

by Daniel on
Brief Manual

Forex strategy from NUF § NUMIZ
Trading is strictly in the direction of the trend.
SFET_V_PODVALE color matches the color of the trend (green-ascending trend, red-descending trend).
Sliding media change color.
The CCI indicator corresponds to the direction of the trend.
The Lurch indicator give the signal - a yellow arrow.
The ProfitableStrategy_1 indicator matches the trend direction.
A prerequisite for entering a position is the appearance of 123 (Semafor + 123Triangles).
If even one condition is not met, the signals are ignored until the next 123 model.

by kd_fx on
Crazy awesome!!!

On the trend signal tab, when the red dot appears on the blue line sell, likewise green, buy.... But very safe to do so when the SFET_V_PODVALE tab (under the trend signal tab) is double green bars both top n bottom (green means safe to go)....
This is awesome... Thanks

by Philip on
Confusing but worth watching

I got this system a while ago and yes, it looks confusing as there is no manual to tell you how it works but if you install it and watch it, you should be able to work out how to use it. I just watch the trend signal and wait for the red dot on the blue line (sell) or the green dot (buy). If you get two green bars in Podvale then it is safe to trade. I use a s/l of 50 and t/p of 100 which can be worked out once 'New Order' is opened.

by foreksman on

Where is the usermanual or help text? ıt is confusingç Please help!

by Костыч) on

Как настроить индюк???

by Ram on
Very Nice

It is working

by John on

What are the instructions very confusing!!

by xtrail on

AwkWard /// Realy aWeSome

by josh r on

really good

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