TFS Trend Following System

The trend following system, was created to specifically keep you in a winning trade as long as possible and out of a losing trade as early as possible.

TFS system does not identify tops or bottoms, but it keeps you in the black on major moves and gives you a large percentage of profit.

It is a system that lets the market tell you when to enter a trade and when to exit.

What you get

✓ Non-Repainting Trend Following System for MT4 & MT5.
✓ Tether Line Signal Indicator.
✓ MBO Indicator.
✓ Volume Oscillator.
✓ Sound Alerts.
✓ Pop-Up Alerts.
✓ Email Alerts.
✓ Push Notifications.

Dear Trader,
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 25 reviews
by FRa

There are some really good indicator.

by Max

Das System ist klasse, einfach und macht mir sehr viel Spaß beim Trading.
Vielen Dank Jungs!!!

by Gerald

Habe gerade Eure Mail geöffnet - und - wie gesagt, ich bin sprachlos. Ihr nehmt Euch tatsächlich aller Probleme Eurer Klienten an 😉 - ein Service, wie man Ihn anderswo nur suchen kann.

by TheGoodtraderz

Will i receive this indicator directly after your payment and is it also for MT5?

Dear TheGoodtraderz,
our trend following system working fine on latest MQL5 build. We will send our system by email within 12 hours after your payment.

by Andrew

Super Service.

by Pils, H.

Ich verwende das TFS im 4H Chart. Das System generiert einige Fehlsignale. Es muss unbedingt der übergeordnete Trend berücksichtigt werden! Für 30 € ist das System ok. Mehr ist dafür auch nicht zu erwarten.

by Lasse

TFS System is one of the best trend following systems that works nearly perfect in all markets & time frames.

by Night Life

How does this work on the 1-min timeframe?
Can anybody answer this question

by whale

Dear Admin, I have sent you an email through contact us form. I don't receive any feedback to show you received the e-mail. Kindly assist, thank you.

Dear Whale,
we have sent several emails to you, please check your spam folder.

by Bosshy

Can you sell me Trend Following System?? I am not financially capable to buy Trend Imperator or Reversal. Hoping to receive your response. Thank you.

Dear Bosshy,
please contact us via email »

by PowerZa

Is this TFS truly working guys?

by Olawale

Why I unable to see buy button for this Trend Following System? It showing me new product which I can't afford.

Dear Olawale,
please contact us via contact form.

by Silvio

I'm using the TFS indicators and they work really well .. great!

by MaTi

Where can i purchase this System?

Dear MaTi,
we are on vacation at the moment, these trading systems are currently available:

by Samer

Super Service und tolle Indikatoren,
Danke nochmals!
Schöne Grüsse,

by Renat
I can not pay

Hi, I am from Russia and I can not pay.
Unable to complete your payment at this time. Return to the seller's page and use the usual checkout procedure.

Dear Renat,
please contact us via contact form.

by David

Great system, I use it on the higher time frames and am impressed with the results.

by dave

if i purchase how soon will i get it?

Dear Dave,
we will send our system by email within 12 hours after your payment.
We wish you good trades and many pips!

by Amit Chaudhary

Excellent system, one of my friend in india is using this Trend following system, it is giving great results, will buy soon. Recommended to all Trend follower traders.

by Mike

Great system, clear, easy to use, and reliable!


this system looks very interesting,
can you create an expert advisor for each premium indicator and trading systems ?

by Uday
for Indian stock market

Is this indicator use in Indian stock market for trading or buy and sell signals.

Dear Uday,
our trend following system works on all indexes and stocks.

by John

Please tell me that this indicator's signals are repainting or not?

Dear John,
the TFS is a non-repainting system.

by Michael
Time frame

What time frame is this best suited to or designed for?

Dear Michael,
this system works with all time frames & pairs.

by Trend Follower
Trend Following System (TFS)

Tether Line Indicator
The indicator is used to trigger a buy opportunity and trailing stop. When the close crosses above the tether line, a buy signal is triggered. When the close crosses below the tether line, trader should exit the position.

MBO Indicator
The purpose of this indicator is to analyse the security relative to its short- and long-term value. The rule is that today`s MBO must be greater than yesterday`s.

Volume Oscillator
The indicator must be positive when the close crosses above the tether line.